Las Vegas Injury Loan Specialists

Injuries can disrupt your entire life. The person who injured you or their insurer can drag your claim out for months or even years. They might force you to file a lawsuit that can be time consuming.

All along you are incurring medical expenses. You are missing work or you can’t work. Your bills don’t wait. Your family doesn’t wait. We help with your needs while your claim is pending.

With our help, you don’t have to wait until your claim settles to get some of your settlement money.
You no longer have to choose between paying rent, paying bills, and taking care of your family.
You also don’t owe us anything if your claim is unsuccessful. We are a non-recourse lender.
So if there is no recovery on your case, you aren’t left with another bill.

We are locally owned and operated in Las Vegas.

Our owners have been helping injury victims in the personal injury field for many years. Our passion for helping victims led to the creation of Money First with an intent to help consumers avoid irresponsible lenders. You and your attorneys will have easy access to our owners for anything that arises.

We are one of very few licensed consumer litigation funding companies in the State of Nevada. That license should provide you with peace of mind that you are dealing with a responsible, bonded company. For attorneys, our license means you can avoid trouble with state agencies for assisting unlicensed lenders. We are here to help.