If you have a claim for injuries caused by another person or business, you may qualify. Pre-settlement funding means you get money now, and we don’t get paid unless and until you recover from someone else. If you don’t recover, you don’t owe us anything. If you recover, your attorney will pay us out of the settlement, including the amount you received, an annual charge and a small one-time fee. It’s really that simple.

Our process is also very simple. Give us a call or apply online. We will get some basic information from you. We will contact your attorney for additional information they might have. A determination is usually made and paperwork prepared within a day of us getting the information we need. Many of our clients get funds within hours of applying.

In case this sounds familiar, it’s like a loan for people with pending injury claims or lawsuits. The main differences between pre-settlement funding and loans are that we have an annual charge instead of interest, nothing is compounded like it might be with a loan, and you don’t owe us anything if you don’t collect from the person or business who was at fault.

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