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Can a Lawsuit Be Collateral on a Loan?

Filing a personal injury claim opens you up to the possibility of the civil recovery of damages, such as medical bills, lost income, and even emotional damages, after an accident. But how can you pay bills in the interim, when a settlement can be months away and you can’t work?

That’s where a lawsuit loan from Money First Funding can step in to help you achieve financial security in the short-term. Read on to learn how nothing more than your lawsuit can be collateral on a loan with Money First Funding. 

How to Get a Loan with (Almost) No Collateral

Personal injury settlements can take months or years to settle. If you have to go to court, it can take even longer. 

So how do people with active, pending personal injury litigation pay their bills in the meantime? 

For qualified applicants, a lawsuit loan from Money First Funding is the key. 

Unlike traditional loans, the only collateral in a lawsuit loan is the future potential value of your claim. That means a lawsuit loan functions like a risk-free, cash advance on your future settlement money. 

The best part? Because you have no collateral outside of your litigation, if your claim falls through, you owe us nothing. 

Simply follow our three-step process, and you can receive your Money First Funding lawsuit loan the same day:

  • You Apply
  • We talk things over with your lawyer
  • If there’s a match, you get your money wired to you in a matter of hours—not months or years.

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