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Can You Get More Than One Pre Settlement Loan?

By this point, you probably know that taking out a risk-free pre settlement loan can help you plug the gaps in your finances while you have a pending personal injury claim. 

One of the frequent questions we get from clients is whether or not it’s possible to get more than one pre settlement loan.

Read on to learn more about some practical considerations, and make sure to contact Money First Funding when you’re ready to apply for your loan. 

Applying for Multiple Pre Settlement Loans

Some people want to know if they can apply for more than one pre settlement loan with Money First Funding. In reality, this question is less about the number of loans you can take out than it is about the maximum amount of money you can receive in a pre settlement loan. 

At present, you can receive up to $500,000 in pre settlement funding from our firm to help you pay for things like your mortgage, rent, tuition, food, or anything else you see fit. 

In that sense, it doesn’t matter whether you take out one loan or two—so long as your maximum doesn’t exceed the present limit. 

Let’s examine a hypothetical. Personal injury plaintiff A receives $200,000 in pre settlement funding based on his needs at the time. Later, he discovers that his medical needs have changed and he needs more cash now. So, he applies for a second lawsuit loan, and receives up to $300,000 more than he originally did. 

At Money First Funding, we’re in the business of giving people the tools they need to make the right financial decisions for themselves. We understand your needs are constantly evolving after a personal injury—which is why eligible applicants could be granted more than one pre settlement loan with Money First Funding. 

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