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Same Day Pre Settlement Loans

Pre settlement loans help you bridge the gap between when you file your personal injury claim and the date your settlement clears.

At Money First Lending, we understand that personal injury litigants often need access to cash without the risk involved with taking out a regular loan—which is why we’re proud to offer same day pre settlement loans to qualified applicants.

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How to Apply for Same Day Legal Funding

After filing your personal injury claim, it can take months or even years before your settlement money winds up in your bank account. The problem is that your bills don’t just go away because you’re injured and can’t work or need to pay for medical care

That’s where pre settlement loans from Money First Lending come in. Unlike traditional lenders, we don’t even consider things like your credit score or employment history. Instead, we evaluate your application for a lawsuit loan by going off the strength of your case. 

The best part is that our same day legal funding is risk free. When you receive your settlement money or win your case, you pay us back the amount of the loan plus our pre-arranged fee. And if you lose? You owe us nothing—meaning it’s never been easier to get the financial peace of mind you’re looking for with pre settlement funding.

All you need to apply is active pending litigation and a lawyer assigned to your case to help us understand the specifics of your application. Once approved, you can get your money in a matter of hours, not days—and you can use it for anything you need, including:

  • Food
  • Groceries
  • Medical bills
  • Rent/mortgage payments
  • Student loans
  • Tuition
  • Phone/internet bills

With our secure application system and quick funding turnaround, you can rest assured that your needs are being met during this difficult time. 

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At Money First Lending, we’re in the business of helping people make the financial decisions that make sense for them. If you’re struggling to make ends meet and you have a pending lawsuit, don’t hesitate to find out what same day pre settlement funding can do for you. 

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