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Lawsuit Loan Timeline

Getting access to a lawsuit loan is a much faster alternative than waiting for your personal injury lawsuit to settle. Whereas the latter can take months or years to wrap up, a lawsuit loan can get the cash you need into your hands when you need it. 

Just because you’ve been injured doesn’t mean your everyday expenses no longer apply. If you have active pending personal injury litigation but need money now, a lawsuit loan can advance you a portion of your expected funds. Find out how the lawsuit loan timeline can look for you. 

Applying for Your Lawsuit Loan

One of the main advantages of a lawsuit loan compared to traditional funding is the turnaround time. Compared to getting approved for a typical vehicle or home loan, the lawsuit loan timeline is much quicker. 

The first step for applying is to find out if you qualify. If you’ve filed a personal injury lawsuit and have assigned an attorney to your case, then contacting a lawsuit loan company is the next step. From there, a representative from the company will determine if your application is eligible. 

Whereas a traditional lender will take into consideration a host of factors when approving a loan application—such as your credit history, the size of the loan, and any collateral you can offer—a lawsuit loan company will only consider the strength of your pending lawsuit. 

As a form of non-recourse lending, the only collateral is the value of your future settlement. That means if you don’t win your case or don’t get the settlement you were expecting, you don’t owe anything. 

This allows you to borrow with confidence, knowing that you can afford to pay for your everyday expenses without fear of taking on debt, regardless of the outcome of your case. 

Getting Access to Your Lawsuit Loan Funds

Once your loan application has been approved, you can begin enjoying full access to your funds within hours. Some ways you can get your cash include: 

  • Same-Day Check – If you opt for a physical check, you can have one mailed same-day to you. 
  • Wire Transfer – The fastest way to get your cash, a bank wire transfer will allow you to enjoy seamless access to your funds.

One way to expedite the lawsuit loan process even further is to indicate your interest in a loan to your personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Letting the lawyer working on your case know about the specifics of your financial situation will allow the loan company to make a quick determination on your lawsuit loan application.   

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