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What Is a Car Accident Loan Company?

Has a car accident got you in dire financial straits? Do you have active pending litigation? You could be eligible for a car accident loan from Money First Funding. 

As a form of non-recourse funding, car accident loans are designed to empower you to pay for the things you need now with the money you’re going to win later. 

Because when you suffer an accident, the world doesn’t stop spinning—the rent’s still due. When you need a little help, a car accident loan from Money First Funding can propel you back to financial stability. 

What Is a Car Accident Loan?

Perhaps one of the most important things to understand about car accident loans is that they aren’t really loans at all. 

Most other loans are always required to be paid back. However, car accident loans are considered “non-recourse” loans; basically, this means they don’t have to be paid back. 

Rather, car accident loans are like a form of funding granted to qualified applicants with pending personal injury litigation. In a sense, car accident loans function as a cash advance on the expected returns from your car accident settlement. 

When you settle, a portion of the proceeds will go back to us to cover the money that was lent, plus pre-agreed fees. However, if you lose, you owe us nothing—which makes car accident loans an increasingly popular option for people looking to pay their bills while waiting for the money from their settlements to clear. 

With a car accident loan from Money First Funding, you can use your funds to pay for:

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